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Richard Hendricks Photo

Richard Hendricks

President & CEO
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As President & CEO, Richard has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. Richard's primary responsibility is executive oversight. He's also held advisory positions with numerous corporate, institutional and non-profit organizations.

Laurie Bream Photo

Laurie Bream

Chief Investment Officer
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Laurie focuses on wealth planning & investment strategy. Prior to joining, she was the head wealth planner at Fidelity. Laurie has represented and advised various fortune 500 business accounts for the past 20 years.

Sarah Manning Photo

Sarah Manning

Director of Technology
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Since 2004, Gavin has acted as Director of Technology. He is instrumental in all phases of planning, administering and maintaining our Information and Telecommunications systems. He provides common-sense solutions to associate IT issues, and acts as advocate when dealing with broker dealers and outside vendors.